30 October 2009

Gettin' all Falled up

We have been eatin' this lovely weather up...Hope you have been too!
Here are some of my favorites of tis' season....

morning light



apple pressing


sweet h2o coffee

pumpkin stickers

pumpkin pickin

halloween library

Happy All Hallows Eve!

22 October 2009

a new shawl and it's adventures in red clay

I had just finished knitting up my Noro mini shawl. It seemed be taking me forEVER to finish it.
As soon as I finished weaving in all the ends I wasted no time blocking it.
I stuck it in a fresh bowl of water and soap and headed outside to play.

I came back in after about 15 minutes, poured the water out, refilled with fresh water and headed back outside.
Oscar was playing in the dirt and I was digging in the garden. He told me after a bit he was going inside to wash his hands.

No prob, I said.

After a while, I headed inside to start drying my newly knitted shawl outside.
I walk in the bathroom to my surprise and find GEORGIA RED CLAY all in my fresh water bowl with my shawl!

After a few big words, I managed to rinse the water and wash out most of the red clay. You gotta love that variegated yarn and I guess that georgia clay also!



Note to myself: do not leave yarn out where small people or pets can reach!

Happy day to you and you and you!

21 October 2009

Being Green


This little frame has been hanging around (or not) for quite some time.
It has waited patiently for just the right project to come along.
And so it did. The perfect project.
With our green paint in hand (literally) we painted and pressed.
And were left with a beautiful piece of art.


until next time...
hope you are happy and green!

15 October 2009

A Day of Sweetness

Autumn has arrived and I am loving it.

Spending the whole day like any other in the company of my little O.
We took a walk with our shadows ~ we danced, ran and flew like a bird in the morning sun along their sides.
We worked together helping a friend prepare for her birth.
We gathered fallen sticks to build love bird nests.
We ate together, snacked and drank tea together.
We ran in the park together, collecting leaves, seeds, stars and love.

He shook tree limbs testing his strength
He researched the squirrels, their homes, the trees.
He wrote words of Love.
Oh yes, my favorite time of year is here and it is alive inside.

Now that's sweetness!

05 October 2009

Weekend Festivities

Life seems to fly by around this time of the year. With all the festivals and holiday markets, I'm either going to with my family or participating in, it's quite busier but in the best of ways.

This weekend was the Field of Greens where there was some good music from King Richard's Sunday Best
some local chefs cooking up some yummy treats, (balsamic vinegar pickled eggs), interesting and fun vendors, face painting, porter beer made with rainwater, goat milking and much more.

Hope you had a happy weekend.
Stay tuned this week, I'll be accepting an award from Leigh!