15 October 2009

A Day of Sweetness

Autumn has arrived and I am loving it.

Spending the whole day like any other in the company of my little O.
We took a walk with our shadows ~ we danced, ran and flew like a bird in the morning sun along their sides.
We worked together helping a friend prepare for her birth.
We gathered fallen sticks to build love bird nests.
We ate together, snacked and drank tea together.
We ran in the park together, collecting leaves, seeds, stars and love.

He shook tree limbs testing his strength
He researched the squirrels, their homes, the trees.
He wrote words of Love.
Oh yes, my favorite time of year is here and it is alive inside.

Now that's sweetness!


  1. Oscar has the SWEETEST smile!

  2. I agree he is adorable! And I love your shadow portraits soooo much :)

  3. Incredible beauty, love and sweetness in your days! Beautiful : )

  4. sounds like a perfect day

  5. Me too! I just love autumn. Feels so good! I love the warmth and the "turning in" towards home.

  6. That sounds like a truly perfect day