23 January 2011

Happy Happy New year....

I just wanted to pop in and say how much I LOVE his hands!


11 January 2011

And the Race is On!

Things have been a movin' and shakin' around these parts....and twirling, winding, knotting and stomping! I received from my love a swift and ball winder for the Holidays and it has really revived some creativity around here, especially with knitting.

the ball winder in action

swift in action

balled yarn

The baby blanket I was working on has come to an end...I think. I just need to tie up those lose ends and maybe put on a border. I haven't decided just yet, though I have decided it needs something else for sure.

baby blanket still knitting

Besides these piles of knits for baby and a pile of knits on sticks for baby Wolfe, my brother and his wife had twins, so there were some knits on sticks for those 2 lovelies also! Sometimes, I wish I could knit and sleep!

baby legs

yellow and blue hat

purple hat

blue hat zeke

pink hat lila

I loved knitting with this Alpaca so much I decided to knit up a little something for myself with the left overs.

candle holder

I'll end with this:

A Boy and His Boots:

new boots

I think he is in love...

Until we meet again!