25 September 2012

My Kinda Place

For my birthday, a couple weeks ago, Dave took me to the mountains.  Stopping by several thrift and antique shops, I found something that I have been wanting to place in our new home.
A swing hammock!
So, on my walk yesterday, the first thing I saw was my hammock.  
Finally hung on the front porch.
This house, my hammock, these woods, these views
they are all my kinda place.



24 September 2012

A Little Challenge

Sometimes, I feel like I need to be doing more.  
More for myself, making a better me.  
Well, I have started a pathway to doing so.  
What a better way of doing so than to pull in some support, a partner or a 7 year old child.  
So, Oscar, 
(said 7 year old), has agreed to also challenge himself.
Our challenges together include, 
drinking 4 glasses of water a day.  
to journal everyday.  
Day 3, so far so good.

A challenge just for me.
It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the everyday duties.  
With the weather changing,
I want to get outdoors, 
to notice the blooming buds, the falling leaves, the different shades of green.
So, I'm setting off on a walk each morning, 
photographing the beauty of what surrounds me.
The simple shades of color, the clucking chickens, the shadows, the rising sun.
 So, this is my time.

I would like to report back here by the fall of each day to document my findings.
I hope to also report how the challenge of me and Oscar are going too.
 I hope to find peace, beauty and some extra strength to go about my day.


15 September 2012

Our Clan Update

Major changes have blown through our family like a fierce Ocean storm;  challenging us, rocking us, changing us.  We have learned to  leaning into every curve.  Yet, I can see that these very challenges have made our little family stronger and better because of these rocking waves.

What we have been up to:
 (Pictures are following the update)

Well, we moved, yet again, to a very very lovely house in the country outside of our little town.  Finding it perfect for raising our boys, we are hoping to be here a while.  It sits on 20 acres with 2 horses, 4 sheep, 6 chickens and a beatufiul creek.

The boys and I spent some time at the Grandparents home during the move to make the transition easier for everyone.  We played, visited with cousin Sage and kept cool in the pool.

We moved our family of 4 into this house with the expectation of a new arrival in a short, hot month.  
Fender was welcomed into our home in early August.  He is a true blessing with his possum-like behavior and is well loved by his older brothers. 
His blanket is an ongoing project to be completed hopefully by the end of the year!

In the middle of chaos and boxes, (as well as box climbers) Oscar turned 7 years old!













My Life Now:

It Blooms in Beauty and is always an adventure.  There is a constant flow of games, flowers, music, food, kisses, drawings and paintings, and is ALWAYS balanced by the diapers, screams and cleaning, but for that there is coffee, chocolate and wine!



card playing

my life


Cheers My Friends!