31 July 2013

The Gate

Hanging around.
Hope you are having a good one!

28 July 2013

We're Off...

The kids and I headed out for a vacation to Grandmas house.
We played tourist, even though we visit quite often.

The cousins, aunts and grandparents toured the local zoo.
Saw lots of sweet animals.
Held a snake.
Talked to many birds.
And saw a rare Zonkey.

We ate at a fabulous pub in the downtown area.
We had a hummus plate, 
shrimp wrap
and grouper sandwiches.
So D-lish.
I am already planning another trip!

We visited the local toy shop
and the local thrift shop.
We enjoyed ice cream in the park.
Then took the kids back home for a nap.


We played in the pool.
Raced each other and
splashed about.
Thank you for a fun trip.
Looking forward to doing it again very soon!

20 July 2013

Love Letter :: Weekend Edition

I packed up the littles early this morning
and took a drive to the farmers market.
We got some blueberry jam,
fresh mozzarella and green beans.
No blueberries or okra.
A little too late or too early.
I made a cold pasta salad for dinner.
It's too hot to cook and then to eat hot food.
Pasta included:
Green Beans,
Balsamic Vinegar,
Salt and Pepper,
Sun Dried Black Olives,
Fresh Mozzarella,
Fresh Basil and 

Happy Weekend!

14 July 2013


We had a pretty relaxing weekend.
As chill as it gets with 3 kids.
Oscar and I played with some henna when the littles were asleep.
He got an original mama design on his foot 
and beyblades,
(gasp! I know, can you imagine?!)
on his arms.

We went blueberry picking
in between the pouring rain. 
I had hoped to pick 4 gallons, 
but between having 4 kids,
the rain,
the fire ants!,
one child shoeless,
and a child on my back.
There wasn't a whole lotta picking going on.

 (Blurry photo due to a little one on my back, shaking!)
We were done after having picked ONE gallon!
We visited with some of my favorite people.
Martha and Robert, the owners of the berry farm.
One of the sweetest couples I know!
They gifted us a gallon of blackberries and 
a bag of peaches!
Oh my!

We had a fun year old birthday party to attend on Saturday.
Zeke loves birthdays.
And balloons.
And swings.
And cake!

 We had a restful Sunday.
Got up late.
Ate a brunch.
Played with Littles.
Made Soap!
Took a walk.
Made an early dinner.
Played again with my littles.
(Man, I love them!)
Realized how grumpy and irritable Fender has been.
And found out that he has some new teeth coming in.
Poor Baby.

Here's to hoping for a smooth week ahead

10 July 2013


We played
and laughed.
We swam 
and swung.
We ran barefoot through the grass. 

 We crafted
and created 
our one-of-a-kind art.
We ate homemade popsicles in the humid warm air.  

These boys of mine
they truely make my heart swell.


08 July 2013

Weekend Scores

Heading into town this weekend.
We stopped by the farmers market and picked up some 
fresh goodies.
It started pouring and
lucky for us,
our favorite antique shop was right next door.
We totally scored on this beautiful sheep
(that is about as big as Zeke)
and these arrows for Oscar.
I can't wait till Oscar sees these.
Zeke was thrilled to get a new "sheepie"
and a new truck.

Here's to weekend scores!

07 July 2013

Another One

Here's another shot from Me and Mr Wolfe's night out

I hope to have more like this one in the very near future!

I've been focusing in on food recently.
Trying to figure out why this baby belly is still hanging around.
No pun intended.

Working on it with much intention and motivation.
Looking at 
and borrowing library books
Raw Foods,
Local Organics,
and less breads.

with more zucchini than I can handle,
I made a bread.
Zucchini Bread.

 I have always been scared of making this particular bread
due to the amount of sugar each recipe holds.
This recipe here
looked like a decent one.
I did cut the sugar by a quarter cup.
I can say that this recipe is a keeper!

until next time

06 July 2013

More Birthday Photos

 Because I love my boy so much
here are a few more birthday photos.

This boy.
He melts my heart
always has and always will.
 I miss him terribly when he is gone.
And kiss him bunches when he is here.
I love you 
Happy Birthday to you Dear One.

05 July 2013

Celebrating the 4th

We visited family 
to celebrate the 4th.
So much fun watching the cousins play!
We ate some yums,
swam, chased and napped.

So grateful for our family!
 Hope you enjoyed your family and friends this week


04 July 2013

Back again for a quick hello

It has been a while since I have visited this space.
Life is full
and wonderful.

We celebrated my Oscar's 8th birthday 
complete with a Beyblade cake.

Also included 
some yummy snacks
fresh picked blueberries
friends and family
fun gifts
of course

The same night, 
me and mr.wolfe 
took a night out for ourselves
(a much needed and deserved one)
and headed to the big city

I would show more pictures
here is just one

 Happy 4th!