28 July 2013

We're Off...

The kids and I headed out for a vacation to Grandmas house.
We played tourist, even though we visit quite often.

The cousins, aunts and grandparents toured the local zoo.
Saw lots of sweet animals.
Held a snake.
Talked to many birds.
And saw a rare Zonkey.

We ate at a fabulous pub in the downtown area.
We had a hummus plate, 
shrimp wrap
and grouper sandwiches.
So D-lish.
I am already planning another trip!

We visited the local toy shop
and the local thrift shop.
We enjoyed ice cream in the park.
Then took the kids back home for a nap.


We played in the pool.
Raced each other and
splashed about.
Thank you for a fun trip.
Looking forward to doing it again very soon!

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