14 July 2013


We had a pretty relaxing weekend.
As chill as it gets with 3 kids.
Oscar and I played with some henna when the littles were asleep.
He got an original mama design on his foot 
and beyblades,
(gasp! I know, can you imagine?!)
on his arms.

We went blueberry picking
in between the pouring rain. 
I had hoped to pick 4 gallons, 
but between having 4 kids,
the rain,
the fire ants!,
one child shoeless,
and a child on my back.
There wasn't a whole lotta picking going on.

 (Blurry photo due to a little one on my back, shaking!)
We were done after having picked ONE gallon!
We visited with some of my favorite people.
Martha and Robert, the owners of the berry farm.
One of the sweetest couples I know!
They gifted us a gallon of blackberries and 
a bag of peaches!
Oh my!

We had a fun year old birthday party to attend on Saturday.
Zeke loves birthdays.
And balloons.
And swings.
And cake!

 We had a restful Sunday.
Got up late.
Ate a brunch.
Played with Littles.
Made Soap!
Took a walk.
Made an early dinner.
Played again with my littles.
(Man, I love them!)
Realized how grumpy and irritable Fender has been.
And found out that he has some new teeth coming in.
Poor Baby.

Here's to hoping for a smooth week ahead

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