30 April 2008

Just what I was looking for


I do love thee! We had a blast on the farm the other day! We picked 2 gallons in just about 15 minutes. Now, that's some big, juicy strawberries!

We got a chance to check out the animals before the sun roasted us. There was this beautiful Peacock, that we found out was a boy. Which makes sense, most beautiful animals are male....always trying to attract a mate with their beautifulness!

There were baby goats running around, huddled up together, wanting some human contact.
In which, Oscar didn't hesitate.

Just a random picture of some tulips that my lovely boys brought home last week. They're just about to drop their petals.

We had some fun this weekend. Oscar and Chad finished up building the rock garden so that we can plant some of the many plants that Chad picks up from a nearby plant nursery. Here Oscar is 'dancing' on the dirt.

While they were busy working outside....I went garage sailing......
I went down the street to some neighbors house that I haven't seen in a long while, I didn't realize their daughter was already 3 1/2! They were having a sale, in which I traded some soap for some corner shelves and frames...good trade!
Anyways, so right down the street was a 5 house yard sale!! Oh boy!
I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, it's just fun to look sometimes. Well, I wasn't looking for anything until I saw this beautiful hand made 1950's cabinet. Just what I was looking for!
The woman was the sweetest woman I'd ever met. Her husband had just passed and she was having her wonderful sale to collect money for loans. How can you not help a wonderful woman like this out?! She had such a beautiful yard, planted like an English Garden, which I just love.
So, I bought this beautiful cabinet for $25!! A steal, I know....It's perfect, well, will be once cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint. I plan to put into my kitchen to house my essential oils, soap, candle supplies...with any room left, I'll fill in with Oscar's art supplies.
It's amazing how the simple things can make such a difference.

Here is a beautiful blue plant stand that I also bought from the woman. I plan on using this as my soap and candle display at Markets this year. It's a bit rough looking but I don't plan on changing it....it's just what I was looking for!

29 April 2008

A Favorite

I know that I have spoken of it before, however, you've never seen what has been made of it.
What I'm speaking of is the cookbook, Apples For Jam.

I've been meal planning from this one book for over 2 weeks now and am amazed how fantastic the foods really are....They are so simple yet so delicious!
Here is an absolute favorite of mine. Zucchini and Basil Omelet (not sure if that's what she calls it though)

I can literally eat it, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It's so simple to make.
Here's the recipe:
A quarter of a zucchini, cut into thin slices
Parm chez, grated
2 eggs (I use 2, she uses only one)
So, saute the zucchini with a smashed garlic until kinda soft
sprinkle with salt and torn basil
remove from pan, and throw away the garlic.
Then add the scrambled eggs into pan, put zucchini mixture on eggs, sprinkle with cheese and pepper.
So Yummy..... (this is a downsized version of hers.)
Here are some lovely pictures in the book. Some are drawings from her girls, with little sayings.

And I love how Tessa organizes the book. I didn't think I'd like it at first, but I actually really like it. It's chapters are organized into colors of food. I makes it super easy to find just the thing you are looking for!

I hope that if cooking is your thing that you will check this lovely book out. Besides her wonderful recipes are beautiful pictures, full of the colors of life, drawings from little ones and cute funny little stories.

23 April 2008

The Finished Product!!

And the time has come....to drink good wine! (or mead...)
My friend came out yesterday and we finally finished our mead making!
We figured it had probably spent about 5 months fermenting....oh, so delicious!

22 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!

From the boys.....Oscar and Ian enjoying a nice cold grape juice.
They were absolutely adorable today, playing outside with each other!

So, with all the outside play, mama gets to sit out and knit. I'm starting early on Oscar's Birthday presents. He loves playing in the kitchen, so I'm fostering his need and building on it. I'm making felted bowls for his kitchen.
*Although, he thinks they are his new hats, he's in for a surprise!*
I used a beautiful bright red Lamb's Pride yarn (for the first time) and really love the way it feels. I believe that it contains about 15% mohair and the rest wool. It's really lovely and very soft!
I'm also getting an early start on the winter holiday markets. I'm making leg warmers. I've made a pair last year that I kept and really loved last winter. They are a bit different than these. I wanted to make some that were more fitted. And actually saw these in a knitting magazine. They are a different pattern and yarn color, but I liked how closely they fit. I've tried these on and they are very cozy, soft and I really have thought about keeping them for myself!
We'll see...
With our outdoor adventures. I've noticed how our chicken resembles our cat and dog. "Chickie" will lie on our back deck, (and yes, I really mean lie down!) with her head on the step and cluck a soft cluck. When she first started doing this, I thought something was wrong with her. The first time my husband saw her doing this, he thought she was dead!
It's the most hilarious thing I ever saw. I guess chickens need to rest also!

I leave you on that note and wishing you a very Happy Earth Day!
Make every day Earth Day!

20 April 2008

Butterflies and Babies

On Friday Oscar and I headed over to his school to release some butterflies.

They, of course, started out as little tiny caterpillars, then they made a cocoon around their bodies. They stayed inside for a little over a week and out they popped.....and became beautiful butterflies. I think I've been reading too many children's books! This story sounds a little like The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl
Really, it was very moving to see these creatures that had never had the room to fly and once released they flew without direction. I remember one flew right into the wall of the school and another flew and did a nose dive into the ground.
Isn't this just life, though.
We run about our day without direction and you never know where we'll end up....even having plans, they don't always run the path we think they ought to.

So adorable, Oscar just loves Sadie! I'm told he'll sit her on his lap and read to her during school hours. And I got to witness some wonderful affection from both of the youngsters!

Here are a couple of friends of mine. We went to the park and couldn't resist taking pictures of these beautiful babies!!

16 April 2008

Playdates, Twirling and Baby Goo-Roo

Oscar and I had a playdate in his room. We made plans and stuck to them, by golly!
So, I invited my camera.....
The lovely dream catcher below I bought in New York.

When my husband and I were thinking about having kids, I was planning on cool ideas to add to baby's room.
This was the first....a wonderfully big dream catcher made from banana leaves. There are people riding on unicycles. It's adorable and a great attention getter! I hung from the ceiling right above the changing table. It has been twisted, twirled, banged around against the wall oh several thousand times and still is in perfect condition!

Here we go round and round.......


This is my favorite one! She looks like a dancer... just flying by.

Ok so a friend of mine, Mary Jessica, (who by the way has a great blog), has started a new writing column called Baby Goo-Roo. She interviewed me for the article here.
I loved writing my portion of it because it really got me thinking of how we plan our days out.
I realized that we spend a lot of time at home, doing everyday activities, well, cooking, cleaning, feeding chickens, dog, cat, and of course a billion art projects. I really feel blessedthat I choose and am able to stay home with my son!
You know you have to make sacrifies sometimes to make what is important in your life better.
And thoes sacrifies are well worth the time we get to share eachother as a family!
Take care and again....Happy Hump Day!

09 April 2008

Shoes, Books, Buns and other random things

Ok, so after a huge rain, Oscar and I went for a little photography walk in our yard.
Beware there are lots of pictures on this post. I'm trying to catch up....do you see, from the last time I did a post, that this is the first time I've been able to catch up!? Almost a whole week!
Anyways, on to the pictures:
This is a picture of our Rubber tree that we have finally moved from our garage to our porch.

A tennis ball Oscar begged me to take a picture of:

A tulip from our yard, that was very soon picked, put into a vase and put into Oscar's room.

This is a couple branches from our Eucalyptus tree that I absolutely love. I didn't realize that it actually got this huge until moving into our house 3.5 years ago. I saw actually a few trees in our soon to be neighborhood that were growing in yards.

This is a random picture of some moss, maybe. It obviously didn't turn out like the picture I wanted but still thought it was a cool abstract photo.

My lavender bush is huge, and growing bigger each year. Never before did I have one that grew so big! It a Spanish Lavender plant, I bought from a local nursery, Thyme After Thyme about 5 years ago!
I'm so proud of it!

This is a plant called Autumn Joy. I had got a cutting from a friend and it has grown to a huge lovely, lush green plant!
I love the tiny water droplets....

Some moss which I have grown to love. I was watching a Gardener's Diary, (I think it's a HGTV show) the other day and this woman had walkways, almost an acre, filled in with moss!! It was so beautiful and incredible. I think I remember her saying she only had 3 different kinds of moss planted.
So, I say, let it grow!

This next picture is a wonderful plant that I received from a friend up in Cleveland, Ga. He actually dug it up from his yard. It's called Breath of Spring. It's supposed to bloom right before Spring, however, I usually find it blooming in the Winter time. This Georgia weather can play tricks even on plants!

My new book. I received it last week and can't put it down. It's Soulemamas new book filled with wonderful ideas for connecting and creating with your family.

My new shoes. I actually debated between a couple pairs of Danskos. But I did finally decide on these and I am very satisfied! They are very cute and comfortable.

Happy Birthday to Chad!

Love this dress!! I found it on one of Black Apple's blogs. It's sold through Passenger Pigeon
which has just the cutest clothes! Very sleek.

Ok, that's enough of my ramblings.....wishing you a lovely hump day!