16 April 2008

Playdates, Twirling and Baby Goo-Roo

Oscar and I had a playdate in his room. We made plans and stuck to them, by golly!
So, I invited my camera.....
The lovely dream catcher below I bought in New York.

When my husband and I were thinking about having kids, I was planning on cool ideas to add to baby's room.
This was the first....a wonderfully big dream catcher made from banana leaves. There are people riding on unicycles. It's adorable and a great attention getter! I hung from the ceiling right above the changing table. It has been twisted, twirled, banged around against the wall oh several thousand times and still is in perfect condition!

Here we go round and round.......


This is my favorite one! She looks like a dancer... just flying by.

Ok so a friend of mine, Mary Jessica, (who by the way has a great blog), has started a new writing column called Baby Goo-Roo. She interviewed me for the article here.
I loved writing my portion of it because it really got me thinking of how we plan our days out.
I realized that we spend a lot of time at home, doing everyday activities, well, cooking, cleaning, feeding chickens, dog, cat, and of course a billion art projects. I really feel blessedthat I choose and am able to stay home with my son!
You know you have to make sacrifies sometimes to make what is important in your life better.
And thoes sacrifies are well worth the time we get to share eachother as a family!
Take care and again....Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hey, you! Thanks again so much for agreeing to be interviewed - it was so much fun to write that story and have your insightful thoughts in it.

    I love, love, love that dream catcher.

  2. Hi Ansley,

    Hope you don't mind, but I just had to use an excerpt from this posting in my post for today (April 19)! I loved the way you expressed how nice it is just to center yourself around home and family.

    Keep up the good work.