02 April 2008

other corner

So, here I was today making candles in my kitchen. I was looking around at how much we, as a family actually do in that small space. Well, it's actually no small space, but for the amount that we do do in there, it's small!!

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We eat, grow plants, make soap, candles, (which involves tagging, wrapping, labeling, packaging) wash the laundry, fold clothes, sew, the dog and cat eat underneath that table the sewing machine is on, and sometimes sleep in this very room.

We also paint in this room, cook, dance, draw and so on....so as you can see every inch of this room has something of a creation that someone is doing!
I absolutely love it because it is so cozy and lively.
Although, I wouldn't hate it to have my own space...

1 comment:

  1. love the candles..never made any..
    I have my own space, and trust me...my stuff is still all over the house ;)