22 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!

From the boys.....Oscar and Ian enjoying a nice cold grape juice.
They were absolutely adorable today, playing outside with each other!

So, with all the outside play, mama gets to sit out and knit. I'm starting early on Oscar's Birthday presents. He loves playing in the kitchen, so I'm fostering his need and building on it. I'm making felted bowls for his kitchen.
*Although, he thinks they are his new hats, he's in for a surprise!*
I used a beautiful bright red Lamb's Pride yarn (for the first time) and really love the way it feels. I believe that it contains about 15% mohair and the rest wool. It's really lovely and very soft!
I'm also getting an early start on the winter holiday markets. I'm making leg warmers. I've made a pair last year that I kept and really loved last winter. They are a bit different than these. I wanted to make some that were more fitted. And actually saw these in a knitting magazine. They are a different pattern and yarn color, but I liked how closely they fit. I've tried these on and they are very cozy, soft and I really have thought about keeping them for myself!
We'll see...
With our outdoor adventures. I've noticed how our chicken resembles our cat and dog. "Chickie" will lie on our back deck, (and yes, I really mean lie down!) with her head on the step and cluck a soft cluck. When she first started doing this, I thought something was wrong with her. The first time my husband saw her doing this, he thought she was dead!
It's the most hilarious thing I ever saw. I guess chickens need to rest also!

I leave you on that note and wishing you a very Happy Earth Day!
Make every day Earth Day!


  1. I do miss my knitting mamas. You are getting really good!!

  2. Ah, thanks Holly! We miss you as well!