01 December 2007

Yarn+Needles=Leg Warmers

I heart this yarn!
I thought I was growing tired of it when kniting my first leg warmer, but it soon passed.
It has so much depth to it...
I tried to show you with an up-close picture, but I don't think it does the yarn justice.
The yarn is from a shop in Dahlongea, Magical Threads, which I want to add is very Magical!!
It's a older house converted into a quilting and yarn shop, just beautiful!
The yarn is Berroco here.

So, I finished one, which you will see at the end of this and I'm on to the next!
I started off knitting my leg warmers, which led to ribbing, b/c the end was curling. Then I thought I wanted to knit the whole warmer. So, I then started knitting after the ribbing.....nope, not what I wanted to do. I decided from then on I would rib the whole rest of the way.
So, they have a little character....just what I asked for!

Off with the second!

And here she is....a little longer than I anticipated, so, call them thigh warmers!

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