28 February 2008

Breakfast :: Thursday

An omelet made of spinach, salsa and a sharp cheddar cheese (by my love) and left over muffins made on Monday.
Tuesday's breakfast, you ask....um not happening! We woke 15 minutes before we usually run out the door.
I am however diggin the egg supply, makes me one happy mama!

Breakfast ::Wednesday

A quick breakfast before going on a fieldtrip with Oscar's school

25 February 2008

Breakfast :: Monday

Oscar wanted me to take a picture of his almost gone breakfast.

Muffins we made this morning from Peggy's Kitchen
I made these muffins for Oscars 1st Birthday, but instead of muffins I made the batter into a cake, just doubled the recipe. For the adults I made a yummy Vegan Buttercream Icing that was perfect for the icing!

The egg again is thanks to our lovely chicken!
Chai tea made this morning, also from Peggy's Kitchen.

24 February 2008

Sunday Breakfast

Totally inspired by Jen
Not only does she have yummy breakfast, but the photography is absolutely amazing.
So, my theme for the week is breakfast.

This is also going to help me eat breakfast everyday, something that I have been missing and work on lighting at my kitchen table.
Oh, and the eggs are from our chicken; morning fresh eggs....thank you "Brownie!" and the jam is made locally.

23 February 2008

Early Evening Delight

So, here it is my early evening delight!

A long soak in the tub, (till the water got cold).
My son and I have been feeling a bit under the weather, so I made especially for us a bath and body oil.
The base is sweet almond oil, which I just love, it soaks into the skin like no other I have used.
And then I added a few drops of frankincense, neroil, (which is my all time favorite!!), benzoin, geranium, roman chamomile and black pepper.
Some of these are for respiratory things such as a cough, and the others are for relaxation; chamoomile, geranium and neroil.

I really haven't taken a bath in about 2 years, since O was a little bit of a thing.
But I have been craving them, (like a pregnany woman craves a certain food) really!
Ah, so relaxing!! A little oil, some espom salts, warm water and some homemade candles.....
All the smells in the air made my day, now I can prepare myself for the night ahead.
Oh and sometimes I use my sons bubbles from Terra Ken, they are delicious!
Till tomorrow my friends, and I have a recipe for theme week again, so stay tuned!

Oh, I forgot to add my favorite part, hot sake!

21 February 2008

Valentines Day and such

So, Oscar just started school, and what do schools do on holidays? Make gifts for eachother, right, I have been out of school for a long time!
So, there we were the night before making Valentines for his friends at school, and of course, you want to make some for the friends that don't go to his school and for grandparents, and of course for his daddy!
So, instead of doing the packing that needed to be done for our trip to Florida the next morning, (my brother's wedding: I'll post about that a little later), we were up making Valentines.
But, oh, it was so fun, really.
So, here are a few clips of the lovely hearts made from felt that were cut out and glued to eachother, some with paint, some not.

Oh, and the wreath, that is for my love, Chad. I adore the wreath that a few folks made for the Holidays and I thought I'd try my hand at one for Valentines Day.
Here it is pinned together.
Here are a few others I was inspired by

And the sweet Valentines for his daddy.

The process is coming along...

And the wreath, finished product.

08 February 2008

Belly Shots

When I was preggo with Oscar, I wanted an outline of myself....I wondered what I really looked like. So, this was one of the ways I went about finding out.
I made an outline of myself in our hallway.
I get to look at everyday, for it is outside of my bathroom.
The first two pictures are an outline that I traced over, the originials as you can see, (the last two) are so faint that they hardly show thru.

Anyway, I just adore these cause my little baby was once in there. My body his home for 9 months.
I'm sure glad he is here with us, he is such a special child!
To you O!

Yummy Food

I love to make dinner, especially in the middle of the day. It makes me feel like I have more time during the day because when dinner time rolls around, its a pop it in the oven or serve right out of the slow cooker, so easy!
Yesterday, I made this lovely dinner for my family. It actually made so much that I sent some along with my son who was going over to the grandparents house to stay the night.
I sent him with enough to feed 5 people, in case my brother and his wife stopped by for dinner.
So, arriving home, I had dinner already made for me and my hubby. Which was so nice to come home and already have dinner made!
I stuffed ours with spinach and ricotta, mozzerella, parm and asaigo cheeses.
I poured a tomato sauce over the top and baked for about 30 minutes.
Served with a fresh salad, a done deal!

Oh, and I also wanted to recap on the theme week.
I had such a learning experience last week with my camera!
I noticed so many things that I wouldn't have otherwise noticed, mirrors, shadows, reflections, colors, light....I am planning another theme week, so stay tuned!

Ok, now that I have some time, I'm off to make some soap and candles!
Enjoy your weekend!

05 February 2008

Pink- Our Fish

I asked O what he would like to name his fish and he says "Pink"....ok Pink it is!
He (we call it a he) is really beautiful and so very friendly. Whenever we come into the room he heads straight for the side of the bowl.
Pink loves to look at O's art work (really) that he plasters to the side of the tank.
We decided to take some pictures of him to show him that he is a very lovely special fish!

So, here's to you Pink!

His Beautiful Tail.....

I swear Pink looks like he has legs under there!

Wow! and did you notice what a clean bowl he has!?!

02 February 2008

Saturday :: Purple

Friday :: Blue

I love how the blue comes out of the trees

Thursday :: Green

Wednesday: Yellow

Yes, I know it's not Wednesday, I just really haven't had a chance to blog since the beginning of this week.... Very busy week. Anyways, I'll continue to post for the rest of the week, following the color theme.
Local Peeps, Red Mule Grits.