23 February 2008

Early Evening Delight

So, here it is my early evening delight!

A long soak in the tub, (till the water got cold).
My son and I have been feeling a bit under the weather, so I made especially for us a bath and body oil.
The base is sweet almond oil, which I just love, it soaks into the skin like no other I have used.
And then I added a few drops of frankincense, neroil, (which is my all time favorite!!), benzoin, geranium, roman chamomile and black pepper.
Some of these are for respiratory things such as a cough, and the others are for relaxation; chamoomile, geranium and neroil.

I really haven't taken a bath in about 2 years, since O was a little bit of a thing.
But I have been craving them, (like a pregnany woman craves a certain food) really!
Ah, so relaxing!! A little oil, some espom salts, warm water and some homemade candles.....
All the smells in the air made my day, now I can prepare myself for the night ahead.
Oh and sometimes I use my sons bubbles from Terra Ken, they are delicious!
Till tomorrow my friends, and I have a recipe for theme week again, so stay tuned!

Oh, I forgot to add my favorite part, hot sake!

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