13 October 2013


 To:  My Favorite Boys EVER!
 My Dearest Best Cookie Eater.
You are King of the Sheepies.
The Rock-n-Roll Star.
You are the best cookie eater I have ever seen!

 A Smile here 
and a smile there.
You have one of the best smiles I have ever seen!
Your giggles fill the room with happiness and warms a cool heart.

I caught a glimpse.
A smile in your eyes.
I haven't seen in very long.
I adore you my sweet sweet O!

yours forever

09 October 2013

Finding Joy :: 13

How can you not feel JOY when you look at these Fresh Homemade Cinnamon Rolls??
Thank you Papa!!

08 October 2013

Finding Joy :: 12

Sometimes, you need little distractions for the youngins
to do a simple task say, dishes or laundry.
Papa brought these home one night.
The next day, in between chores, he broke them out!
I, flying through the house, carrying a load,
glanced out the open door and found all three sitting eating their pops.
I am defiantly going to have to remember this!
It made my heart flip
Thank you Papa!

07 October 2013


Being late never hurt anybody.
Sometimes SonDay happens on MonDay!

Oscar, my dear.
Even when you are under the weather you can still 
Put a smile on your face,
Say the sweetest things to me,
Have patience more than me on a good day
and still want to lick the whipped cream off a whisk.
I am truly blessed to be your mom!

Oh my dear lawd!
Little Fender, growing up to be such a sweet sweet funny little man!
You have the giggle that melts this mama's heart.
You also have the pouting lip that melts this mama's heart.
I have so much love for you!

My lovebuggie.
You have been sick for quite some time.
We finally took you to the doctors today to find out that you have bronchitis.
Poor poor dear! 
Even though you are ill,
you can still find those peanut butter balls that mama has hidden in the fridge!
I just want to cuddle you sun up to sun set!
Mama's going to make you some tea.

Happy days to you my Dears!
yours always!

05 October 2013