11 August 2014

My Monthly Favorites

I have been keeping a running list of some favorite 
blogs, websites and links that I run across.
Things, people, ideas that interest me at that moment.

June 2014

33 Activities for kids
(I especially liked the water beads and the camping indoors!)

51 budget backyard diys
Love the mirrored orbs!

Watermelon Drink, Kombucha (highly addictive to make!) and their bubble tea recipe
I have made the bubble tea, super easy and d-lish!
The kombucha is really very addictive to make!
Gotta keep those 'mothers' going.

printer ink 
at comp and save.
trying these out...will let you know how well they are

zinc oxide powder to make sunscreen
(trying this b/c of 'the most toxic sunscreens below)
trying this next year...didn't get to the pool as much as I wanted to

bentonite clay toothpaste

the most toxic sunscreens

 frozen coconut limeaid
 (heart) SmittenKitchen!

small things
Enjoying readings from this mama
and this mama...

 A Permaculture of a Community.
a good read

July and August are coming

03 August 2014

My Favorite Room

We moved in May to a new home closer into town.
Everyone has their own space with more rooms to spare, 
which makes everyone very happy.
Room for those who want some space, 
to be alone, 
paint, read,
to play music,
and one of my favorite rooms,
the 'yoga den'.

When I need a minute, this is where I go.
This room and my soap room.
(I have a big comfy recliner)  :)
This room is sanity.
There is space for yoga and if the kids come too, there is room for them as well.
It's simple but oh so sweet for those mama moments.

A comfy couch, drums, yarn, meditation, yoga and it smells oh so good.

Good day

02 August 2014

In Charge and Berries!

Papa was in charge while I cooked dinner.
I peek out the window to bath-time,
fully clothed, water guns and all.

On another note,
Blueberry season is coming to an end.
I took the little boys to our favorite picking spot,
Buffalo Creek.

We left with a few gallons of berries and a handful of sunflowers.
It was a good day.


29 July 2014

Welcome home Oscar

We had company today from 2 sweet girlfriends and their kids.
We played outside, 
ran thru the sprinkler,
drank kombucha,
ate scones
and enjoyed eachother!

The youngest ones napped.

We welcomed Oscar home from Peru last weekend...
So very very glad to have him home!


14 July 2014

Missing Him

He has been gone now for 6 days.
I miss him dearly!
He has gone on a trip to Peru with his dad.

8 more days until we can talk again.
I cannot wait.

Before he left we filled our days with much fun!
His birthday was just the beginning.

There was much laughter, pokemon trading and games going on.
Sumo wrestling, Balloon popping, cake eating and Canjo playing.
Thank you to Jared at Echo Hollow Canjos!
And to Cecelias Cakes for that awesome 3 Milk Cake!

Our cousins came up from Florida to hang out for some of their summer.
We hung at the park and ate and played.

Oh my!
I miss this dear boy!

Happy Monday!


08 February 2014

Before and After

Bustling with play.
Me, sewing some Valentines 
for my sweethearts.
Every little bit of time counts.

It's loud with play.
The doors are slamming open and shut.
Remaining open.
It's cold but outside is needed for sanity.

The day
almost over.
Another one will begin again tomorrow.

Until then

07 February 2014

Peace and Quiet

My house is empty.
And Quiet.

It's amazing to me how quickly the energy can shift.
From being loud with playfulness.

A few hours later.
All is still.

And Quiet.

04 February 2014


We have been making Valentines for our loved ones.
Busy Busy Busy.
Trying to stay.
Keeping this little one up from a nap
is challenging but fun.
I actually get some one-on-one time with him, 
vs the 1.5 hours trying to get him to sleep.
We are on our second week.

So, crafting it is.

Much Love

01 February 2014

Happy 1st of February!

 Our days noted above.

Happy Love Month!

31 January 2014

2014 Is Going To Rock!

I have many Projects for the New Year.
My mind is blown every Thursday when I am at work.
I have ideas running thru my brain with such intensity.
I am very hopeful and optimistic for my projects to come to life.
I have been quite immersed in Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood's podcast,

I listen to crafters, artists, knitters, writers,
felters, bloggers.
All sharing their stories and their crafts.
One in particular that has me in goosebumps is 
She was a blogger who started Whip Up and Red Current.
She is no longer with us but her work and art are.
By the way, I love the Action Packs she put together for kids!

I am currently working on a project inspired by Kathreen.
As I do know that times flies by with the young ones.
I want to treasure these moments.
I plan on putting together a series of photographs from our daily life at home.
A shot a day, or week or month.
A time-controlled "shot-in-time"
So, be on the look out for details of my new projects!
Maybe even some new cooking inspired by Diane Morgan
or knitting inspired from Jean Moss!

Here are a couple Kathreen inspired project test.



Stay Tuned!
Until next time

27 January 2014

Rocking in the New Year

Excuse the absence.
My boys are time fillers.
Without them, I would not know what to do with my time.
I have spent this New Year 
focusing on them.
treasuring them.
playing with them.
listening to them.
feeding them.
loving them.