31 January 2014

2014 Is Going To Rock!

I have many Projects for the New Year.
My mind is blown every Thursday when I am at work.
I have ideas running thru my brain with such intensity.
I am very hopeful and optimistic for my projects to come to life.
I have been quite immersed in Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood's podcast,

I listen to crafters, artists, knitters, writers,
felters, bloggers.
All sharing their stories and their crafts.
One in particular that has me in goosebumps is 
She was a blogger who started Whip Up and Red Current.
She is no longer with us but her work and art are.
By the way, I love the Action Packs she put together for kids!

I am currently working on a project inspired by Kathreen.
As I do know that times flies by with the young ones.
I want to treasure these moments.
I plan on putting together a series of photographs from our daily life at home.
A shot a day, or week or month.
A time-controlled "shot-in-time"
So, be on the look out for details of my new projects!
Maybe even some new cooking inspired by Diane Morgan
or knitting inspired from Jean Moss!

Here are a couple Kathreen inspired project test.



Stay Tuned!
Until next time

27 January 2014

Rocking in the New Year

Excuse the absence.
My boys are time fillers.
Without them, I would not know what to do with my time.
I have spent this New Year 
focusing on them.
treasuring them.
playing with them.
listening to them.
feeding them.
loving them.