30 August 2011

Summer 13: Beaching It!

We're enjoying some time away at the beach

oscar and beach


28 August 2011

Summer 12: Keeping Our Cool

He's staying cool with his new chewy food

celery eater

And I'm keeping cool with my Mint Julep ;)

mint julep

And everyone is happy!


24 August 2011

Summer 11: My Favorites

Home and Handmade bread, fresh peaches with mint and my new favorite banana creme spread...YUM!

banana creme

Having some of my favorites for breakfast makes this mama happy!

23 August 2011

Summer 10: Dinner

We received a little cooler evening and decided to take advantage and have dinner outside.


Besides the mosquitoes, it was a lovely night.
Hoping for more cooler nights ahead!

20 August 2011

Summer 9: Our Morning Visitor

We had the most beautiful white dove pay us a visit.

white dove

Thank you Dove Medicine

15 August 2011

Summer 8: Nothing Better

peach eating

nothing better than sharing some peach ice cream with my fellow!


13 August 2011

12 August 2011

Summer 6: Yogurt

I have made my first makings of yogurt!
Mr Wolfe brought home a yogurt maker a while ago and I finally got the nerve up to make a batch.
To my great surprise it firmed up and is very tasty!


yogurt cup

With a little peach added, it's just enough to keep us cool and happy!

10 August 2011

Summer 5: Sea Monkeys

Oh my! It's mating season in our house with our little sea monkeys

mating sea monkies

Here is a little you tube link to see some sea monkey action or to learn more about it here
It is actually quite entertaining!


09 August 2011

Summer 4: Peaches

We're keeping cool with our load of peaches!


peaches basket

ice cream peach

Today it's peach ice cream, tonight it's peach daiquiris!

Until tomorrow

07 August 2011

Summer 3: New Projects

Indoor Activities:
New Hand Crafts are on the list

new projects


06 August 2011

Summer 2: The Ghost Ship

Staying cool with this yummy Mr. Wolfe drink.

The recipe can be found here

Until tomorrow

05 August 2011

We're Back

Me and the boys decided to take a spontaneous trip to the mountains this week. It was a much needed time away to slow down before school happenings begin.
Before we headed north I saw that my space needed to be revamped. I did a renovation and cleared the space I needed and now it feels so good to be here.

It's been crazy hot and humid around here lately. I am not a fan. I long for Fall to arrive. As many cons as summer has, it does have some pros too. I trick myself every year into diving into the heat and going fruit picking because having some homemade pie can only mean that ice cream will be served along side!
Anything I can do to stay cool and not stay indoors all summer is a good thing.

I want to use this writing space more so for the rest of this hot summer I will post a pic a day of what kept us cool...and maybe not just temperature ;)
A picture a day until the Fall Equinox, Sept 23rd

If you'd like to play along please do...
leave your blog address and I'll compile a list of summer players

Until tomorrow
Stay kewl!