05 August 2011

We're Back

Me and the boys decided to take a spontaneous trip to the mountains this week. It was a much needed time away to slow down before school happenings begin.
Before we headed north I saw that my space needed to be revamped. I did a renovation and cleared the space I needed and now it feels so good to be here.

It's been crazy hot and humid around here lately. I am not a fan. I long for Fall to arrive. As many cons as summer has, it does have some pros too. I trick myself every year into diving into the heat and going fruit picking because having some homemade pie can only mean that ice cream will be served along side!
Anything I can do to stay cool and not stay indoors all summer is a good thing.

I want to use this writing space more so for the rest of this hot summer I will post a pic a day of what kept us cool...and maybe not just temperature ;)
A picture a day until the Fall Equinox, Sept 23rd

If you'd like to play along please do...
leave your blog address and I'll compile a list of summer players

Until tomorrow
Stay kewl!

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