28 July 2011

More Time

Sometimes I wish I had more time to do everything on my to-do list. But then again, I should really get up earlier shouldn't I?!
I haven't visited this space in quite a while, life has run away with me holding on to the dress tails.

Two baby birds have been keeping this mama bird very busy. And I'm also doing my own projects.
Crafting, Soaping, Candling, Cleaning, Feeding, Washing
Reading, Spinning, Knitting

I have plans for the following in the coming week
Cheese, Butter, Yogurt Making
Embroidering, Sewing, Painting
and more of the above list

I picked up this awesome book from the library and the urge to make dairy products has taken over me!

love it!

Maybe, I shall make a plan to start my day a little earlier...we'll see

until next time

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