08 February 2008

Belly Shots

When I was preggo with Oscar, I wanted an outline of myself....I wondered what I really looked like. So, this was one of the ways I went about finding out.
I made an outline of myself in our hallway.
I get to look at everyday, for it is outside of my bathroom.
The first two pictures are an outline that I traced over, the originials as you can see, (the last two) are so faint that they hardly show thru.

Anyway, I just adore these cause my little baby was once in there. My body his home for 9 months.
I'm sure glad he is here with us, he is such a special child!
To you O!

1 comment:

  1. That is really cool, I wish I would have thought to do something like that when I was pregnant. I can't remember what I looked like pregnant at all, and it was only a year ago! You commented on a post of mine regarding a teapot I had - I found that one at a thrift store. So sorry I can't tell you exactly where to get one like that! Thanks for commenting though, and I like your blog. :-)