20 April 2008

Butterflies and Babies

On Friday Oscar and I headed over to his school to release some butterflies.

They, of course, started out as little tiny caterpillars, then they made a cocoon around their bodies. They stayed inside for a little over a week and out they popped.....and became beautiful butterflies. I think I've been reading too many children's books! This story sounds a little like The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl
Really, it was very moving to see these creatures that had never had the room to fly and once released they flew without direction. I remember one flew right into the wall of the school and another flew and did a nose dive into the ground.
Isn't this just life, though.
We run about our day without direction and you never know where we'll end up....even having plans, they don't always run the path we think they ought to.

So adorable, Oscar just loves Sadie! I'm told he'll sit her on his lap and read to her during school hours. And I got to witness some wonderful affection from both of the youngsters!

Here are a couple of friends of mine. We went to the park and couldn't resist taking pictures of these beautiful babies!!

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