02 April 2008


So, here they are, our new chicks!
Oscar and I went into the feed store only to come out with 4 new chick chicks.....but, dang, can you really resist these cute, little fury animals??!

We picked up four, then this one looked lonely, then that one looked lonely and before you knew it, we had six in the box. We then stepped away from the box, the box of innocent, sweet, adoring chicks and quickly paid for our new chicks and left to give our little ones a new home: a bigger box with food and water.

Oscar adores them and wants to pick them up at any chance, especially when it's time to go inside and he doesn't want to follow.

So, this is our new toy at the moment. Soon they will be big chickens laying us some beautiful big brown eggs!


  1. oh to have chickens again!!! enjoy them for me. I will try to remember that we live at the beach, for now.

  2. they are absolutely adorable...but growing so quickly!