27 March 2011

New In Town.

There is a new cupcake place in town and it has gotten the better of me. Especially after having a baby, I have such a sweet tooth!

gigis cupcakes

I have had quite a few and looking at the website....the Mellow Cream is looking way too good right now!

strawberry malt

This is Oscar's favorite, the Strawberry Malt. I think it took him 4 days to eat the whole thing! They are that big!

On another note, I am preparing for the Athens Farmers Market that starts THIS Saturday!!

farmers market flowers

So, off I go...
Ahhh...and some baby love

cocooned zeke

I think he really likes his cocoon!!


  1. These pictures are nice. All so happy - I have a cute little boy named Oscar too!

  2. That cocoon is so cute! Its like a sock... I can't believe that we are going to have one of those soon.


  3. elizabeth ~ how old is your oscar? the name is so very strong...I'm sure you have a strong son!

    Aron ~ Congrats!! you should look into these cocoons!