14 June 2009

home again

We had an amazing time in Arizona last week! We came prepared for the plane ride, thanks to an early birthday present Oscar received before we left town. Thanks Katie!

Oscar and walked the town of Phoenix, finding a Children's Museum on Monday. We spent 5 hours in the 3 level playground running through noodles, shopping with kid-sized shopping carts, sliding through tunnels, riding tricycles through car washes and making art. It was truly amazing and I'll be in search of one closer to home!

With Chad at work during most of the day, O and I ventured around town, hung out in the hotel, bouncing on the beds, swimming, eating, drawing the pigeons in the park, visited the desert, the mountains, danced and slept. We were so incredibly lucky to share this experience with each other and I hope for many more adventures like this one! As Oscar said last week, "I will go visit other countries with you!"

I have a few more pictures I'd like to share. So stay tuned in the next week for Oscar's favorite place, the Indian Ruins.

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  1. ohmygosh I love the drooly sleeping picture. So precious!