14 November 2007

Making Wine

A friend of mine and myself are attempting to make wine, again.
Well, actually this time it's decided that we are making mead; honey is better than sugar, right!?
So, we have started the process of the Scuppernong Mead.
We picked the grapes from a fellow local farmer, Jim; thanks Jim!
Then took them home and let them rippen up a bit before the stomping began.
And actually, since they were pretty ripe, the stomping did not take us too long. (yummy, up close squashed grapes!!)

We eventually added the ingredients, including the yummy local honey, received from
the Daily Co-op.
So, now the waiting game begins!
And oh, what a long wait it is going to be!
I might sneak a sip here and there to make sure the process is running smoothly, I do need to know how each step of the process taste, right?!
Of course, we did have a little eating of the grapes and making grape juice for the kids!

And, I'll keep you updated on how well it's turning out!

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