14 August 2013

Fender Turns ONE!

My Little Bug has turned a year old.
How quickly time flies!
He is such a determined, sassy, 
sweet, loving, caring,
cuddly, handsome
young lad.
 Thank you for teaching my again about the things that 
I forgot since the 1st time around.
(patience being right up there.)

Thank you for blessing us!
We all, Papa and brothers 
adore and love you times a million.

Happy Sweet Birthday!

1 comment:

  1. Wow...I can't believe he's one already! I remember seeing him sleep so peacefully as an infant.

    You're so wise, Ansley, and you have your priorities in the right place...your children are very blessed to have you as a mother.

    I hope we can come and visit you this autumn???