27 August 2013

These Are The Days

We had some rainy days in the last couple weeks.
So, many days were spent indoors.
Making pancakes,
messes and
afternoon coffee.
We played board games, cards
and walked through the grass with our socks and barefeet.

 We read lots of books, 
with and without potato head guy glasses.
We laid on the couch and watched movies, 
Ted Talks, funny videos
and Charlie and Lola episodes.

We collected baskets full of apples,
fed the horses some
and came inside to dehydrate the rest.
We harvested flowers.
And picked baskets of figs in hopes of making jam.
We ate all of them.

My Love, Mr Wolfe, said to me during this week,
"These are the times that we will look back on
and miss."

until next time

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