10 May 2010

Finally... :: 1

So here I am again. I didn't think it would take me this long to write again.

My life as I knew it 6 months ago came to an abrupt end. And the changes I am witnessing are a whole lot of emotions wrapped into one little bundle inside my body. I have feelings of happy, sad, excited, scared, confused, betrayed, anxious, guilty, grateful, and loved, sometimes all at once .....but above all this I am here and very hopeful for my unknown future.

I never knew how strong I was as a woman until I had to stand tall and face the unknown. And I give thanks to those in my life who have held me up. My wonderful friends and family have stood behind me supporting me through this journey.

With so many changes happening in my life, I would like to start a 30 day challenge for myself in this space. For the next 30 days I want to visit this space to include a picture which may or may not include words. This is not necessarily of my real-life day but of my future, past and present.

I want to remain positive concerning my future with me, my life and my son's well being.

So, with this being said I leave you with this:

It IS Strawberry Season!

strawberry time1


  1. I just love you Ansley, for embracing the unknown and standing tall, you continue to inspire me! I can't wait until I get to see you again! Maybe we will get up in time this month to make it to the farmers market!

  2. strawberries are awesome and so are you

  3. thank you sarah! i adore you and hope to see you very soon!

    flowergal, strawberries are awesome and so are YOU!!