01 May 2008

New Notebooks

Two of Oscar's little friends had birthdays recently. One last month and one last week.
Combination of busyness and running on low fumes recently and hadn't got to think about birthday gifts.
So, at the beginning of this week, I got myself motivated and set out to make some
well deserved gifts.

I actually saw these artist organizers on Martha's show last week. I thought these were the perfect gift for both boys. One turning 4 and the other 5 years old. One of the boys, whom goes to school with Oscar loves bugs and is learning to read and write. SO, I thought with this little personal notebook he could draw pictures of bugs and worms and practice writing letters.
I put the 1st letter of each of their names on the front of the folder.
Inside I placed a sketch book with colored pencils.
The outside as well as the inside is made of felt. As are the pockets.
I had so much fun making these. And they were incredibly fast sewing!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! It's great how much love and effort you put into all aspects of Oscar's life.

    Great crafting.