28 May 2008

Ah, The Layers of Summer

I just couldn't resits! :))

There is so much going on at the moment, that we are hardly ever inside, except to take naps and eat. The little one is out of school, so there is no schedule to maneuver around. There is only work and play, all day.
Here are a few snippets of what we have been up to:

Lots of thinking

Making Faerie Houses.....We went to the Faerie Shop in Comer and Oscar fell in love with the ($200) Faerie houses! They were stunning!!
So, I told him we could build one when we got home......needless to say, we made one right when we got home and have been building onto it ever since. The house started out under a tree in the backyard, however they have received a new house, a gourd, provided by a dear friend.
And here it is, she even has her own flowers, in a vase with water. And some flower water to drink, with a straw. We've planted some sedums in their home as well as around for some good landscaping. She's set! Oscar wakes up just about every morning wanting to check to see if the Faerie has made this her home. We have actually seen a few on several occasions.

Putting up a fence around our garden....we have chickens who dash for;
first: the back deck, (don't know why) and second: the garden....fresh veggies just for their pickin.

Oscar is making a snack bag. There is way too much opening the fridge and standing in front of it in our house. So, here we pack 3-4 daily snacks into a beautifully decorated paper bag that he can pick out whenever he chooses. He drew on the front the different snacks that are soon going to be in the bag; apple, pear, fruit leather, raisins, yogurt, and crackers and cheese.

The finished product....he was very proud!

Another of out not so delightful summer adventures is seeing these not so nice spiders crawling by. This one, a brown recluse, was found in our garage. And the next one down, a black widow, was found when my husband was putting up the fence in our garden. Pretty scary!

Planting, more in Oscar Rock Garden....
These are pods from the Baptisa plant we have by our back porch. Produces really beautiful purple flowers.

Feeding the birds...Oscar carried this 10lb bag of birdseed outside, insisted on carrying it!
We fill up the birdhouse then with the left overs we spread it on the railings of the porch, so that they will eat up close to the back door. (thanks mom)

Lots and lots of changing clothes, putting shirts and pants on backwards and much layering!

I hope that you and yours are doing much layering at your house, making it a home.
Take care and see you soon!


  1. Fred Farnsworth17 June, 2008

    Really Graceful theme used. This blog shows various pics of small kids .These kids are performing various activities.These kids are looking really tired. Have a good day….

  2. Just one child....
    He is full of energy!