22 May 2008

Famers Market Success!

Pardon the disappearance, we've been dealing with fevers and ear infections over here. For 5 days straight, I only saw the couch, meds, tv and of course my patient, little O. So pitiful he was!

However, I do have some great news :: The Athens Farmers Market was a smashing success!
What a smashing success it was!
Over 2500 people came down for the 1st of many Farmers Markets! It really was just breathtaking to see the walking traffic of people constantly walking down to get their fresh produce and crafts! I didn't get to take any pictures during the market, so there are befores and afters. The farmers sold plum out of produce before 10am!! As did the coffee guy and the bread man who brought 400 loaves of bread!! Just Amazing!
This my booth (on the right) that I shared with a friend of mine, Alena. She makes beaded jewelry, really beautiful beaded jewelry!

This here is from Cedar Grove Farm in Lexington. These are watermelon radishes, so beautiful!

The craftspersons are all under the tents.

The Farmers under the pavilion....where it actually caused a major traffic jam!

Some big beautiful onions from Roots Farm

Other breaking news: the cabinet is finished and it has already found a place in the kitchen.

On to putting *things* into it!
Have a nice day!


  1. We're thinking of Oscar here and hoping he's all better. Ear infections are really bad, had them all the time when I was his age.

    You did a great job with the cabinet! Very professional. Looks great---Farmers Market looks fun.

  2. I'm so pleased that the market was a success -and that cabinet is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I love farmer's markets. Yours looks like a wonderful one that will be popular for a long time!