16 May 2008

Lots of painting going on today. My dear son is at his Grandparents for the night so that I can swiftly make a dash at the crack of dawn to the NEW Athens Farmers Market!
I'm so excited to be apart of such a wonderful thing.....friends, organic food, community, that's what it's all about, in my book anyway!
So, back to the painting. remember the cabinet I bought for a great deal at a local yard sale. Well, I'm finally painting it. I found this lovely green leaf somewhere in a magazine or brochure. Anyways, I took this green leaf up to the hardware store and asked them to recreate it......perfect!
So, the doors of the cabinet as well as the trim is this perfect green.
It's more like a lime green with a hint of peas or lima beans.
Anyways, I love it! Pictures will follow.

Other random things:

Oscar and I took a trip up to the mountains on Wednesday to visit our dear friends, the Granberrys as well as visiting our other dear friend, Mountain.
It was so beautiful and I'm so lucky to live so close that I can make a day trip up to the mountains!
Here are some pictures I actually pulled over to take:

It's just so beautiful.....after each visit I always feel so much lighter, grounded...just at peace.

Ah, here is a recipe from Amanda for the World's Best Brownies:
baking chocolate
self rising flour
choc chips
mini marshmallows
cashew butter
Ah, simply the best!

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  1. Ahh, a daytrip to the mountains! That sounds wonderful! And I can't wait to see the lime/lima/pea green cabinet.