07 May 2008

New Needed things

The first being a new faucet! Ours literally snapped right in half. SO, my dear dad came down to help attach a new one. I got one that I absolutely love, with an attachable sprayer. This was such a bigger ordeal than it needed to be, but we finaly decided on one that was just perfect!
Oscar was such a big helper, wanting to get down and play with the big boys!

And really, I needed some new yarn! Especially some ordered from Peace Fleece
I can't wait to start knitting with this lovely yarn!
I really fell in love with it once the second I pulled it out. It's so beautiful! It smells beautiful, looks beautiful and knowing that it came from such a wonderful place, it just has a unique cared for feel to it! Really, if you could see it, hold it, smell it..... you'd probably be thinking the same thing!
I'm planning on making more leg warmers and hats to sell at Market once Fall rolls around again. I'm trying to stay ahead of the seasons.
I hope to finish some of my other projects before I start with knitting with these.....well, maybe not that long! ;)

Right now, I'm knitting a special gift for a special woman in my life....mom.
I thought I'd have it done sooner, but it's with real thin delicate yarn, some that I haven't knitted with before. It's Rowan kidsilk haze yarn, made with 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk! It's so very soft and I really love it!
Here is a review of it. I'll post pictures as soon as I finish it....
Off to knit.....and make some candles for the Indie Craft Festival this weekend!
Take care and happy knitting!


  1. Hi Ansley,

    Got to say, these pictures are great---your house is so pretty, with those bright white kitchen cabinets. I love the white and pastel colours. How wonderful to see the whole family in there together fixing the faucet, with Oscar knocking some tools together.

  2. P.S.

    Hope you don't mind. I seemed to end up with another Ansley-inspired blog today. Couldn't resist putting down my own thoughts on the 'Roots and Wings.'

    By the way, neither of us can really believe that Oscar is 2! His brightness and curiosity lends him maturity as well as his stature.