08 May 2008

A Dedication

You know today, I just want to make a blog dedication to a dear friend, Erin. She is such a brilliant writer, giving me chills and an occasional tear every time I read an entry from her blog!
If you get a few moments, please check out her blog. Take your time, read and reflect.
She has also written a lovely book, filled with exquisite words as well as pictures of her journeys over seas. You can find a link to her book on her blog as well!
And thanks Erin for your wonderful words that you so thoughtfully put together to share!
Take care and happy Thursday

1 comment:

  1. Ansley,

    I don't think 'thank you' comes close---but thank you. I like the picture you included, particularly when I am thinking a good deal upon 'life's rocky path.' It seems the steeper we are forced to climb, the nigher we are to Heaven.