06 May 2008

Roots and Wings

So this is how our lovely weekend went....my boys going to the grocery store and bringing back some really beautiful Sunflowers and orange tulips!

We did lots of yard work this weekend. Planting seeds, flowers and veggies.
We went to this really great Plant Nursery, Wolfskin Gardens. Their place is just specticular! Really great landscaping and about 15 greenhouses....packed with green plants!
Below are some flowers that we saw on our walk around the Gardens.

And this is our yard, notice the tall wavy grass.....almost as tall as Oscar!
(It was cut this weekend!)

Our little birds nest. We got to watch them grow everyday from our front window. They grew sooo fast, I can't believe it. Actually so fast that on Saturday I saw them fluttering their wings, learning to fly. So, I went in to grab my camera. This shot was taken right (literally!) before they flew away!
This reminds me of a saying I had heard once, before I had kids....
"Give them Roots and Give Them Wings"
I had hoped to remember this when I had kids and glad that I did.

give them roots and give them wings


  1. Ansley,

    I enjoyed reading this post so much. Lovely flowers and what a lovely prairie-land you have in your yard...I just think you're so lucky to have had that birds' nest. Around this time of year the swallows migrate back from Africa and start building their nests around here...but it is really hard to get this kind of proximity to them! Actually, we're both bird-lovers, James and I, and I've found that it's a lot easier to take pictures of the birds in North America. They're just tamer and not as afraid of people as they are over here...I don't know why this is exactly. But I have an hypothesis---maybe many centuries with the Native Americans fostered a mutual respect between the creatures and the men who dwelled in the land. In this crowded little island, the birds are just historically more used to being hunted, and you might call it, persecuted, that watched respectfully and lovingly.

    Well, that's my theory anyways.

    You've done a great service in passing on that saying, roots and wings...I'll try to remember it when I become a mother.

    No better way to encapsulate the philosophy of good parenting.


  2. I like it....your theory on the birds here.
    I wish I could draw more birds to my yard, but with a cat, dog, chickens and a young one, they don't come around much, even though I put out plenty of bird feeders!
    I really try to remember that each day, it helps raise Oscar without to much restrant.