09 February 2009

Daddy Love

Sometimes Mondays can be hard, especially on daddys who have to go to work. So, with a can, some paper, a pen and of course paint, DaDdy LoVe was born.
I had actually seen a similar item made, don't remember where but the image came to mind last Monday as D was heading to work.
O painted the outside of a freshly unused can of coffee beans. We sat at the table and began to say words that daddy is; strong, tall..etc. Then O began telling me things he likes to do with D...
We filled the coffee canister up with lovely words for dear daddy. So when D is having a bad day or just needs a pick-me-up, he can look into his special can and pull out a love note straight from the mouth of O.

Next, "I wanna build a tree house!"



  1. I love this idea, Ansley....it's so sad when parents have to leave for work. Any day with both Mom & Dad at home always felt like Christmas to me...

    I like your moon..thing..on your page. Wasn't it lovely last night?


  2. what a wonderful idea!
    i wish i had a can of nice little notes for when i was having a rough day! you must be the most fun mom ever, and i highly suggest looking into the treehouse idea. i had one when i was young that me and my pap built together and i still have fond memories from the treehouse!

  3. I love that idea. That might need to be Dad's Valentine's gift this year.
    We too have been planning a treehouse for years, actually. We've been waiting until the kids are old enough to well climb up a ladder without great risk to falling. I think this summer might just be the year.

  4. Very cute. I saw that at drumming and wondered what it was. Sweetness.

  5. i love your idea! how sweet for all of you. dad feels loved and you and O do lots of loving. :)

    on a sad morning though, you could all talk about how wonderful it is that dad has a job to go to that allows mom and O to be home together doing these wonderful crafts and projects and learnings and wanderings. there are lots of daddys right now who don't have a job to go to . . .

  6. sweet! thank you for visiting my blog!

  7. ~Elizabeth, you are so right...I'll remember that for next time!

    ~Thanks for all the sweet replies!

  8. it is very special. I love you baby, and our little O.