15 September 2013


Oh my boys!
How ever fast you are growing.
Some daze, just not quick enough.

 We played outside a lot this week.
The weather is cooling down quite a bit.
Towards the end of the week 
You my little Fender and Zeke went to Grandma and Da's home.
Mama had to get some much needed work done.
You both had a blast.
Went swimming, wreaked havoc and got spoiled. 
I'm glad to have you both back home though!
I missed you and love you both!

While the littles were away,
you and I went on a date.
Wow!  You are so fun! and funny!
We went to a bookstore, you bought a joke book and a duct tape book.

After having 8 potential books laid out in front of us, 
you put your foot down and declared that we chose a book and find food.
You were having too much fun sitting in the craft book isle.
We then headed into town for sushi.
 (your pick)
We sat at the counter and laughed and laughed.
I asked if you were ready to go home or out one more spot 
and to the coffee shop we went.
A benefit concert was playing.
We sat outside and visited with each other and friends till late in the night.
I have already penciled in another date!
I love you my dear one!


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