01 September 2013


Oh my!  
You are 8 years old and so very wise already.
Today, you drew the Owl Medicine card.
As I was reading to you, you were finishing the sentences written in the book.
When I asked you how you knew what the next words were,
you responded,
"because I'm an Owl"
You are amazing, so handsome, caring and sensitive.
You are learning to read.
Asking for a new book to read everyday.
This morning you read a whole book of Spanish!
I love you my dear Oscar.

 My Wild Hearted Child.
Yes, you have a wild side,
bang your head,
but you are also sweet and sensitive.
You do love some Who and Def Leopard, 
requesting rock-n-roll music to be played in the car at all times.
When at chances you come to cuddle, I embrace those fleeting moments.
They rock me to my core.
I love you dear wild one!

Fender, my sweet little love bug.
You are so darling.
Not speaking any words, you let **anyone** just what you want.
You won't and don't put up with your big brothers putting you off, you play right along their sides!
You have started walking more.  
Although, knowing that mama is going to carry you everywhere you would rather that!
You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever laid eyes on.
I love you my little one!

Happy Son-day

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