22 September 2013


 Oh my dear Zeke!
You are so challenging.
It was a rough week...though I wait for the day I will look back and laugh.
Thank you for teaching me patience.
 My Little One.
You are so dear.
Oscar wore this cap when he was a year old.
I will have to find the photo and post a side by side here.
You are so fun, keeping up with the brothers, eating everything in sight
and doing some entertaining by yourself.
I love watching you grow!

You want to learn **everything** and right now!
You put on skates on minute, the next you are reading a book and the next you are 
practicing your writing.
You have a cute crush on a girl at school, it's very sweet.
I love watching you grow into a young man!

Happy SonDay!
I Love You!

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