30 September 2013


I know...I'm a day late.
The little two have been sick for what seems like forever.
I'm ready to get them healed and get on with the show.
So, on with this show...a day late.

 My Child.
I have a ton more patience with you now then I did last week.
You have been battling with being sick for almost a month.
What I have found is that you need more mommy cuddles.
And that I have found more time for!
I love you dear Z!

 My Sweet.
You were with me just a few days this week.
You went to visit with the Grands for a few and boy, have we missed you!
You came home from school early today because you weren't feeling well.
I'm posting a photo from last year around the same time.
Here's to celebrating Fall with you, 
picking pumpkins,
pomegranate pudding,
Halloween costume designing,
fire building...
I love you!

My dear Papas Boy.
My, how you do love your papa!
You are just so precious and sweet and funny.
I hope you continue to be that way throughout your whole long life!
I love you blue eyes!


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