08 September 2013


I didn't realize how much we actually did in a week
AND just how hard it would be to pick one photo for each child! 

 The little boys wound up wearing the same thing last week.
Their vintage Spiderman shirts with jeans so I took them out into the yard to 
snap a few photos.
They played along nicely!  ;)

 Well, the days of crawling are just about over.
You want to walk everywhere.
(or to be carried by mama)
You love to listen to papa play guitar just about as much as
you love to play yourself.
Whenever the drumming starts your head starts a bobbing.  
You have less of a rock-n-roll 
and more of a sway.
Stevie Wonder like.
I adore you and all your sweet kisses!

 My Zekie,
You love to "run in the grass"
You have an unending energy that is so contagious.
You put the fun into everything you do.
Having no fear, you jump onto the highest gate rail and yell 
"Look Mommy!"
My daring little monkey, I love you so!

My dear one.
Sweet sweet Oscar!
You have a presence of a wise one.
A very watchful eye for the young ones, you have.
We went to the lake this week, you had such a great time swimming around.
I love you so my silly wise one  ;)


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