17 February 2012

Sometimes it just feels right

Sometimes it just feels right to pack it up and get out of town.
And that's exactly what we did a couple weekends ago.
I didn't even bother packing everyone a separate bag,
I threw everyone's clothes (since they needed to be folded and put away anyway)
into a laundry basket complete with laptop, camera, knitting, snacks and
headed out.

packing it up

Before arriving at mom and dads we stopped off at a Creamery that just opened to buy some fresh milk, chocolate milk, peach ice cream and some beef.


The boys and I stole my mom for the day and did some local shopping and lunching!

book ma and o

zeke in window

I think it's about time for another visit!

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  1. i missed this post til now, your hair looks so pretty braided like that ansley. and i love the spontaneity of this trip...