13 April 2009

Holiday Crafting

There has been much crafting around here of lately. Everyday it seems like there is a request, or two or three, to make something. Sometimes it's as simple as, let's paint or make a necklace.

Other times it's a more challenging task that is being asked and much more direction than I am willing to give at that moment. Or sometimes it can come just before bedtime, when the request is sometimes let go until the morning.

On this particular day, a simple request was made. Oscar had painted some eggs the day before. So when he asked to build an egg tree we did just that. Simple. We set out to find that perfect little branch to build us a tree.
Not knowing exactly what we were looking for, we picked several up that we fit for a table decoration. That would not do. We found one that was about 6 feet tall. Perfect.

Who knew there was so much involved to making an egg tree? You had to have a needle to poke through the styrofoam eggs, a drill for the wooden ones, scissors, tapestry needles, modeling clay and yarn.

We set the tree in a jug of marbles and added some modeling clay to help it stand up-right.

Sometimes if we surrender to our children, (and forget the dishes sitting in the sink),
that your day can be filled with such beauty.

And of course you couldn't have Easter without a proper egg hunt, and we did that morning. I would love to show pictures, but before heading to my parents home for lunch, I deleted all the pictures in my camera by accident! Uch, I was sick!
There were purposeful pictures left on my camera of O when he was a younger one.

(plus pictures from my photography class! opps!)
No sense in missing what is already lost.....so, onward me go.

Lesson learned.

I do however have one from an egg hunt at my folks house.

The night was complete with wine, bread, fruit and veggies with a very lovely gathering of women that lasted well into the night!

hope your weekend was full of family and friends and the ones you love dearly!



  1. Oh no, Ansley! So sorry about your pictures!! Please tell me you have those old ones saved somewhere! I was transferring pics off of my cameras yesterday thinking how awful it would be if I deleted them all before saving as I have almost done before. : (


  2. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com16 April, 2009

    love the candles in jars!