15 April 2009

More Creations

I love that my son loves to create. His mind can hatch an idea and off he goes into the unknown world of creation. He is very much like me. Getting super focused and very intense looking, his plan begins to unravel. Even though you may not see it right away, you will. He is learning patience even though he says he 'does not have any to give'.

I love this high concentration and usually always love the outcome, because it comes from within an innocence, of love, of kindness that only one can give if he is the beholder.


  1. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com16 April, 2009

    will this be a necklace? or will it be hung in a sunny window?

    i love it!

  2. so far they are necklaces they might end up in the window!

  3. oh, this is so sweet! mine create like me too.... but in our case that means "on the fly, haphazard, i'll figure it out as i go"-ness!!!

  4. Oh I recognized that one!

    I've got you bookmarked now- I don't know why I never got it done before. It was so good seeing you guys on Saturday!