17 April 2009

Spring, How I Love Thee

Oh Spring, how I love thee,
let me count thy ways

~gardening with my boys
~eating fresh fruit and veggies
~sitting outside, all. day. long.
~spring cleaning, purging the old
~picnics on the porch
~hanging clothes out to dry
~making smoothies
~watching the bare trees turn to green
~planting flowers

(can't wait for the pollen to clear!)

What do you love about Spring?

Stay tuned next week for an interview from Oscar!

peace love and all the good stuff


  1. you have a pretty new header!

    and i love spring. all the things you love! and i love raking. and i love biking. and i love watching my kids play outside. and i love that beach weather is on the way. i love spring.

  2. An interview from Oscar? I will definitely stay tuned. Love the spirit of this Ansley. Thank you for bringing your peace to us!


  3. I love festivals! Spring is such a wonderful family time to be outside and enjoy life. Can't wait to hear from O - so sweet!