06 April 2009

New Tires

I woke up to O this morning on the computer, he was painting, not checking his email!

I asked O what I should write about today, and he said riding bikes.


Especially since this morning we ventured out on this cool windy day and bought new tires for his bike. He rode from the bike shop, across downtown to the car and all day after returning home. Actually, we both did. We bundled up, and took us a ride around the hood.

He is thrilled to have his "new tire bike!"

Did you know how much fun glow sticks could be?

I certainly did not until last night!

O stumbled upon one of my stashes of surprises and found a container of glow sticks. He played with them awhile and by dark had hooked them all together.

A few minutes after announcing time for bath and bed, we were hooked!

We hola hooped, played ring me, frisbee, hung them as earrings. So, if you want to get your children all ralved (is this a word?) up before bedtime, pick up some glow sticks!


  1. we love our bikes!

    it's almost bike weather here . . .

  2. That computer picture is hilarious! He looks quite comfortable like there!

  3. What a sweet boy. I love the glow sticks too. Haven't introduced them to E, but definitely will have to soon. Give a call and lets get together soon. We'll be ATL next weekend for Sweetwater fest. You guys should come out. Free!