21 April 2009

Farmer Oscar

This interview was taken from the voice recorder in the afternoon
of March 10th 2009 at our home.

Me: Could you please state your full name for us?

O: Oscar Beacham, (spells) OSPUR

Me: What do you call yourself?

O: Farmer Oscar

Me: How long have you been farming, Farmer Oscar?

O: Um, 5 days

Me: wow, that's a long time to be farming,
and what are you going to have on your farm?

O: I'm going to have sheep and a horse, a plain white horse.
I'm gonna talk in this for a second,
I've been a farmer for 5 days (into the mic)

Me: what do you plan to do with your sheep?

O: I'm going to get wool from them, I'm going to put it around me and make clothes out of them

Me: tell me about your barn

O: I'm not going to build it because it takes too much time, I'm going to have someone
build it for me
I'm gonna do a bird sound, tweet tweet tweet (into mic again)

Me: who is going to live in your barn?

O: it's going to hold my sheep and my horse

Me: and you're going to build a fenced area

O: yep

Me: what are you going build your fence out of

O: fence

Me: are you planning on having chickens?

O: yes, and they are going to lay me eggs

Me: is there anything else you want to tell us about your farm?

O: Yes, I want to have a bell intervention....(don't ask)

Me: what do you plan on doing tomorrow?

O: I'm planning on getting my farm house tomorrow
and getting my horse tomorrow

Me: So you need to build a fence today?

O: yep

Me: ok
what does your horse eat?

O: they eat hay

Me: are you planning on feeding them and giving them fresh water everyday?

O: yep

Me: do you plan on having dogs on your farm?

O: yes, Sally and another dog named Camelia-after-all

Me: Well, Oscar thanks for taking your time out for this interview today.
love you

O: love you
love you ciao

I love this kid!

(for the record, he now knows his full name and can spell and write it)


  1. Yay for Farmer Oscar, I always wanted a 'plain white horse' too.

    This was such a good idea Ansley, I loved reading it!

  2. That was just priceless!

  3. are Sally and Camelia your real dogs? so cute, too.