24 November 2009

Returning Home

We have returned from a quick trip to Florida to visit my brother, his wife, Grandma Betty and Aunt Mel and my cutest niece and nephew.
Oscar and I rode down with my mom. And I say that was the quickest, best trip that I have taken in a while. Oscar listened to some Magic Tree books on tape and my mom and I listened to The Help on cd, which, by the way, is a great book!

We stayed again at the Hard Rock Hotel.

hard rock guitars

Built forts......
fort building

....and bathed in the morning sun
hotel room

We drove over to see my Grandma Betty and Aunt Melody. My Grandma and Aunt have so many fun stories.
Grandma B was raised in England and grew up in pubs. She had so many stories to tell that we tried leaving many times and another hour would pass and 10 more stories would develop.
Get her and my aunt talking and they just tell story after story and laugh and laugh!
what's so funny
I just wished I had a recorder on hand to savor all the wonderful stories from her life. I could have spent all day there listening to her!

grandma house

Above is the house Grandma grew up in. Her family lived in the left hand side and the middle was an Inn and a Pub on the right. If ever I get to England, I hope to visit the Bramblette Hotel.

grandma with cloth

Here she is with a table cloth she started embroidering on her grandmothers linen, over 125 years old. I hope she finishes it.....I would love to see the finished product.

Isn't she just the cutest?!

We, of course, visited my brother and his cute family. Little Reah turned ONE last week.....so cute!
reah air

spicey choc

And visited our new favorite ice cream shop, Heavenly Cafe and had some spicy chocolate gelato....yummo!

boys eating ice cream

We paid a visit to the local Thrift Shop and picked up a new pet, Blue-Eyes. I picked up a few things that I couldn't put down.



We stopped by the beach, long enough to run up and down the beach before getting back to town.

sage rocks

Yes, he does.....Sage Rocks!

~Happy day to you~

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