03 November 2009

A Halloween Post....finally

A few months ago when I asked Oscar what he wanted to be for Halloween he says, a ghost cowboy. Ok. We went out and searched for the appropriate attire; cowboy boots, hat, shirt, pants, bandana and ghost paint? I knew that that would never fly with him, but I kept silent. (he's not the one to wear things on his face, masks, paint anything).

So, fast forward to Halloween night, he does not want to get dressed up. He says he wants to go as himself.

cowboy costume

He sits and waits in the car until we finally meet him there, with Sally, of course.
(man, this kid is hard headed!)

before going out

We arrive at our destination unclothed. He comes around with seeing all the other kids dressed up. And was a very happy boy, collecting candy for the Halloween Fairie!

all dressed up


We ran into our friend, Major Bedhead!

major bedhead

And I did manage to get one photo of the visiting ghost cowboy. Spooky.

ghost cowboy


And the Halloween Fairie did come that night and left a beautiful handmade broom for Oscar to find the following morning.

And, it was a hit!

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